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Cadmore Lakeside Exclusive Use Wedding | Josh and Emily

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Emily and Josh were at Ludlow school together, they first met at St Johns Ambulance when they were around 11/12 and then became friends at school.


They have been together since we were 14 & 15 – Emily recalls “my head of house at school told my mum and dad that Josh was my "distraction" whilst I was doing my GCSE's!” The day Emily and Josh get married at Cadmore Lakeside is 2 days after our 10 year anniversary.



Josh proposed 2 days after Emilys 21st birthday, she recalls “he had taken me away to Tywyn for the weekend. In the morning we went on the Talyllyn Steam Train up to Dolgoch Falls. 


Whilst we were walking up he said to me "hey Em you know when we went to the Isle of Wight earlier this year you said that was a wasted opportunity?"


I laughed and said "yep, you've missed another one now too!"


I turned around and started to walk back down the slope as it was getting too steep and muddy to carry on.


From behind me I heard a "Em..." and I turned around and he was on one knee holding up a ring asking me to marry him! All I could say was "oh my god, oh my god, yes of course I'll marry you!".


Turns out he'd been to ask my dad for permission the week before too so my parents and his family all knew what was happening and I had no clue!”


Oh Josh you old romantic!


Emily on why she chose Cadmore for her Wedding

“We knew we didn't want a church but we wanted somewhere pretty with the possibility of having the ceremony outdoors if the weather was good, and Cadmore is where Josh's mum and dad had their wedding reception so it seemed perfect!”


What you Emily and Josh most excited about for their big day?


Everything! Obviously we are extremely excited about the whole thing and then the adventure of being married after, but we are super excited for the hog roast in the evening.


We couldn’t be more excited to host Emily and Josh’s Exclusive Use Wedding at Cadmore next year!


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