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Murder Mystery Event | 2nd November 2019

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

This evening’s gathering is to celebrate the birth of a new Coven. The Coven of Fire and Light.  The founder and High Priestess of the Coven is Mistress Lilith and she commands obedience from her flock.  IS the Coven dark and sinister OR one of healing and herb lore?

Why did the members of this Coven split up from
Wiccan Coven The Wheel of Hearn?
What is the dark secret?
Who is the wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Miriam Goldstein, the High Priestess’s aide will be here tonight, as no doubt will many of the other Coven members. Miriam has organised a competition. What famous person would you like to put a spell on and why?  Simply jot down your answer on the form provided by us, as a prize will be awarded for the funniest or cleverest answer.

Mistress Lilith has suggested that you might want to arrive dressed for the occasion.  So dig out those Witches and Warlock outfits and join the Coven.

Accommodation is £100.00 for a couple for Bed & Breakfast and you have full use of our facilities.

Murder Mystery is £30.00 per person, which includes dinner.

To book your tickets call 01584 810 044.

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